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This course showcases two programs discussing concussion in youth sports. Learn about current ideas in sports concussion management, as well as baseline assessments and related post-injury outcomes. Both programs were recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 8, 2016.

The Role of Pre-Existing Factors on Baseline and Post-Concussion Outcome
Presented by Mark S. Herceg, PhD

Dr. Mark S. Herceg, Westchester County Commissioner of Mental Health presented this overview of the impact that pre-existing conditions has on baseline testing and on outcomes after concussion. Dr. Herceg evaluates current baseline testing assessments and offers insight into the different tests available, as well as the best methods for performing the tests. In addition, an analysis of post-injury outcomes adds to the important conversation on sports-related concussion.

Viewers will learn to:

  • Describe how pre-injury factors impact baseline assessment
  • Describe how pre-injury factors impact post-injury outcomes

Current Concepts in the Management of Sports Concussion
Presented by Brian P. Rieger, PhD

Dr. Brian P. Rieger of SUNY Upstate Medical Center presents an overview of current concepts in the management of sports concussion. The field of sports-concussion management is frequently changing, with new innovations and updated treatment strategies occurring often. Learn about the most up-to-date resources for sports concussion and understand the need for proper concussion identification and robust return-to-play and return-to-learn guidelines.

Viewers will learn to:

  • Identify importance of concussion recognition
  • Give proper evaluation before returning to activities
  • Identify basic principles to return to play and learn
  • Identify risk factors for concussion prolonged recovery

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