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This course combines two presentations on treatment interventions after brain injury: medical complications and neurobehavioral issues. Both medical complications and neurobehavioral issues have a huge impact on the lives of those impacted. Learn about common complications affecting people with brain injury and strategies to assist those affected, so that they can live a meaningful life in the community. Both programs were recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 14, 2017.


To Complicate Matters: Medical Complications Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Presented by Claudine Tinio Ward, MD

Dr. Claudine Tinio Ward of SUNY Upstate Medical Center provides an overview of medical complications that can be connected with traumatic brain injury, and how they affect the overall rehabilitation of an injured person. Dr. Ward offers strategies for intervention and compares treatment options, to help providers make the best decisions with their patients. This program was recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 14, 2017.

Viewers will learn to:

Identify the features associated with “storming”

  • Recognize neuroendocrine deficiencies
  • Know the risk factors for post-traumatic seizures
  • Understand evidence for anti-epileptic prophylactic drug use


Neurobehavioral Management Post TBI: Issues in the Community

Presented by Mary R. Hibbard, PhD

Dr. Mary Hibbard, a neuropsychologist in private practice, formerly of NYU School of Medicine, provides a presentation on the neurobehavioral issues that can impact the lives of people recovering from brain injuries as they reintegrate into their home communities. Her presentation provides an overview of brain injury, common resulting neurobehavioral issues, and strategies for interventions. This program was recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 8, 2016.

Viewers will learn to:

  • Notify common neurobehavioral challenges

Provide behavioral interventions to assist clinicians within their practices


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