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This course combines two presentations on treatment interventions after brain injury: physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain the ability to drive. These topics highlight issues that affect the ability of people to reintegrate to their communities and lives following injury.

Physical Therapy Treatment Interventions using New Technologies
Presented by Patti Broschart Valenza, PT, DPT, ATP; Karah Lenge, PT, DPT; Erica Gauthier, PT, DPT

Pattie Broschart Valenza, Karah Lenge, and Erica Gauthier of Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital provide an overview of innovative treatment techniques and new technology for physical therapy interventions. The program provides insight into several therapy methods and technology, and culminates in the display of a robotic exoskeleton by a patient of the program. This program was recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 14, 2017.
Viewers will learn to:

  • Describe components of a Locomotor Training Program.
  • Describe research findings of a study of LT program with participants with TBI
  • Understand the use of robotic exoskeletons for treatment of patients.

Driving After a Brain Injury: On the Road to Recovery
Presented by Donna Stressel, OTR/CDI/CDRS

Donna Stressel of Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital presents an overview of the issues of brain injury that relate to the ability of the survivor to drive after injury, how to assess ability, and available rehabilitation options to regain the abilities needed to drive safely in the community. This program was recorded at the BIANYS Professional Symposium on June 8, 2016.
Viewers learn to:

  • Demonstrate clinical & functional components of driver evaluation
  • Recognize impact deficits on actual driving skills and safety
  • Understand NY’s role in DMW medical review & re-examination process

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