Membership to the Brain Injury Association of New York State is the best way to stay connected to the organization, keep informed on important issues, and strengthen the organization’s impact in the community. Members receive updates on pivotal activities and other benefits, but the main goal of BIANYS membership is to show solidarity and support for the BIANYS mission.

Josh and Elena Moreno

Meet Elena Moore

“Over the years, Bianys encouraged me and made me feel important. It’s a unified association where every member is important to its existence. Their staff members believed in me and provided the steppingstones in many areas to help me. The opportunities they gave to me are rehabilitative and on a level that you do not get from other associations.

This association propels TBI survivors to believe that they are important and gives them a can do mentality. BIANYS stands out from other organizations because it provides help for a lifetime in a family oriented way. It is unique and close knit and I believe all members feel a sense of belonging and unity. I know for sure that if BIANYS did not exist, many people with TBI would fall through the cracks and lives would fall apart.”