BIANYS needs your help to be there for the families that need us. As we look to 2020, we know we can’t do what we need to without your support. Your gift goes directly to services that help people like Allie.

When Allie sustained a brain injury after being dropped on her head during a dance class, the doctor told her family “you have a good old-fashioned concussion.” The doctor also said that most concussions resolve in a few weeks, go home and rest, it was “no big deal.”

Something that wasn’t supposed to be a “big deal” turned into a panic for Allie’s family. Headaches, light sensitivity, irritability, visual difficulties and inability to concentrate plagued her two months after her injury. Luckily, Allie and her family found BIANYS’ FACTS Program and called for help.

The Family Advocacy, Counseling, and Training Services Program helps brain injury survivors who sustained their injury before age 22. Because of the support we get from donors like you, we were able to spring into action to offer emotional support and comfort- they were no longer on this journey alone.

We were able to help with accommodations in school and provided information on everything from neuropsychological evaluations to getting special glasses to address eye problems. All of these things helped Allie graduate high school and go to and graduate from college.

Ten years later, Allie is a thriving young woman, living her best life. We are so proud to have helped her family and to see how she has grown.