The Family Fund is designed to provide a onetime financial commitment to a New Yorker with a brain injury or a family, possibly a caregiver, who provides care to the individual with a brain injury. Financial hardship only adds to the stress of your recovery and/ or ongoing rehabilitation. Every application is viewed on a case-by-case basis and we know that one person’s immediate and critical needs may be different than another. That is why we set these Family Fund priorities.

Family Fund Priorities

  • Enhance quality of life for individuals with brain injury and their families.
  • Promote natural supports by enhancing relationships with families and friends
  • Enhance physical, spiritual and emotional supports for individuals with brain injury and their loved ones, particularly during crisis.

Family Fund Guidelines

  • Applicant must be an individual with a brain injury or a family member/caregiver
  • One request per consumer or family annually (to be submitted by FACTS Coordinator, Service Coordinator, or if none, the consumer or Parent/Guardians)
  • Maximum assistance per request is $400, although this may be adjusted based on need and availability of funds.
  • Must be a New York State resident to apply
  • All other funding sources must have been exhausted, or insufficient time exists to obtain other funding
  • Completed application form
  • Process will be completed in a timely manner to best respond to urgent and emergency needs.

To apply for the Family Fund, please download the Family Fund Application. Applications can be submitted to BIANYS via fax (518) 482-5285 or mailed to BIANYS at 5 Pine West Plaza, Suite 506, Albany, NY 12205. To submit via email, please call BIANYS and speak to a representative first. Please mark all submissions “Attention BIANYS Family Fund Committee”.

Each request is a confidential matter. The Family Fund Committee, made up of members of the BIANYS Board of Directors and a staff liaison, makes all decisions related to Family Fund requests. All decisions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Fund is maintained through fundraising and donations.

If you are interested in making a donation to support the Family Fund, please contact at 1(800)-444-6443 or make a donation through the BIANYS website.