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Recognition Policy & Guidelines

  • Advertising Option Icon – Ads that involve the collection or use of online behavioral targeting data must include the Advertising Option Icon (a.k.a. “AdChoices”), to provide transparency and choice to consumers in accordance with the industry’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising.
  • Borders – Ads must clearly be differentiated from page content through either a defined linear or graphical border, a solid contrasting background color or a combination of border and contrasting background
  • Branding – All ads large enough to fit branding must include it within the ad unit. All other ads must have clear branding on the landing page used by supporter for inbound marketing. Ad branding must accurately reflect the party ultimately offering the specific product or service. Ad units containing multiple offers are prohibited.
  • Data Collecting Ads – No ads will collect data on Visitors may be lead offsite to a landing page. Data collection must be done on supporter’s page or on a authorized page designed on behalf of the supporter.
  • Foreign Language – Ads may contain languages other than English under certain conditions. All submissions of non-English ads must be accompanied by an accurate English translation.
  • Pop-Up Advertising – Pop-up advertising is not permitted. The browser back button must work from the landing page.
  • Pricing and Price Claims – Offers made in ads or on landing pages must be clear to users and cannot misrepresent the true nature of the offer. All price claims made in an ad must be clearly and accurately substantiated on the landing page. Ads or landing pages that contain “free”, “complimentary” or synonymous offers must disclose the pertinent terms and conditions associated with the offer. Any disclosure (or notice that a disclosure applies) must be clear, conspicuous and in a font equal in size to that of the base font of the ad or landing page.
  • Relevance – Ad offers and their landing page must be directly relevant to each other.


  • Social Media Landing Pages – Ads may link to a “public” social networking account page (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) that is controlled by the advertiser, provided the ad is otherwise compliant with our policies. Sign-in pages should be only linked to for a specific reason, such as for ads with age-restricted content.


  • Brain Injury Solution of New York State Brand Guidelines – Use of the Brain Injury Association of New York State or BIANYS name, logo or other brand features without prior approval is not permitted. Ads cannot mimic or resemble BIANYS graphics, text or other aspects of BIANYS’s “look-and-feel”.

Ad Specifications

Dimension: 1250 x 350

Size: <85kb


  • Please consider suggested recommendation in consideration for the audience of the website and compliance with the American Disabilities Act
    • Keep ads simple; Avoid busy ads that contain multiple pictures and several color variations
    • Use a concise clear message
    • Please provide an alternate description for your ad
    • Please accompany detailed text descriptions for complex graphics