Current BIANYS Board Members:


  • Barry Dain (President)
  • Kelly Mikullitz, Esq. (1st Vice President)
  • Kaitlyn Pierce (2nd Vice President)
  • Robert C. Gunderson (Treasurer)
  • Judy DeIasi (Secretary)

Board Members

  • Londina Cruz **
  • Elizabeth Curtiss **
  • Cynthia Dott
  • Ira Dunne **
  • Kenneth Goldblatt, Esq.
  • Andrew Hess, Ph.D.
  • Mary Hibbard, Ph.D.
  • Emerald Lin, MD
  • John Kirkwood
  • Conan O’Rourke **
  • Kristine O’Rourke **
  • Robert Ryan **
  • John Quinan
  • Andrew Siegel, Esq.
  • Jamie Ullman, MD

** Indicates District Board Members. Each of these Board Members are elected by BIANYS Members to represent one of the six districts in New York State. District Board Members are required to be personally impacted by brain injury or be a family member of a person who has sustained a brain injury. District Board Members are responsible for sharing the needs and activities of the district with the Board of Directors and for representing the Board of Directors within their assigned district.

In addition to District Members, Board Members make up the BIANYS Board of Directors of at-large members who are elected to the Board.