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Grassroots advocacy is an important part of our government process. It is our way as citizens to be involved in the development of the laws and policies that affect our lives. It is our opportunity to share our views, needs and suggestions with our elected officials and public servants. And it is our chance to make a difference!

There are lots of ways to be an advocate. We strongly encourage members of the brain injury community, especially people with brain injury and their families, to tell their stories and share their experiences. These insights will contribute to the development of improved policies that promote a high quality of life all New Yorkers affected by brain injury. The following sections offer tools for advocacy.

How to get involved

Outreach to Legislators

Elected officials and those in positions to change policy need to hear from you! They benefit from the input of community members who know about the challenges facing individuals with brain injury. The following pages offer instructions and tips for contacting your representatives: