BIANYS is a leader in brain injury educational outreach. We provide seminars to the general public, training for professionals in the field of brain injury and in other fields, and have developed specialized training programs for professionals serving people with brain injury under the TBI Waiver program.

BIANYS is excited to announce new additions to our Professional Development program! To better provide training and information to professionals on serving individuals with brain injury, we are now offering a webinar series as well as our in-person professional programs. Coming Soon: Access to recorded programs in our online training library.

Additional BIANYS Training Areas:

Please call BIANYS at (518) 459-7911 or email for more information about our training programs. Please indicate the type of training or presentation requested, location, type of audience, and amount of time you have for training, along with any other pertinent specifics. In most instances, we can modify the training to meet your needs.