Welcome to the Brain Injury Association of New York State’s Legal Symposium! We’ve cultivated what we hope is an exciting list of presenters and session topics that will provide you with the information and skills you need to confidently handle brain injury cases, from the moment a brain injury client walks into your office to closing arguments.

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Legal Symposium Sessions in Brief: 

Traumatic Brain Injury 101: Medical Information to Successfully Handle a TBI Case, including Diagnostic Testing
Presented by Brian D. Greenwald, MD & Kenneth B. Goldblatt, Esq.

This lecture will review normal brain function; define Traumatic Brain Injury, describe pathophysiology; discuss mild brain injury definition, work up and differential diagnosis; review advanced radiology options; review outcomes including physical, psychological, cognitive; and review treatment options.

Understanding the Roles of TBI Health Professionals: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Presented by Richard S. Jaffe, Esq.

In this session, attendees will learn that concussions result in a constellation of symptoms and learn how to discuss concussion and its treatment with the clients.  With this understanding, the lecture will go on to review how recovering from brain injury requires a multidisciplinary approach and that coordination of therapeutic services is the key to success.

Nuances of Successfully Litigating a Traumatic Brain Injury Case
Presented by Andy Siegel, Esq.

This presentation will focus on important trial aspects and approaches ranging from mechanism of injury through the critical importance of witness selection, concluding with a unique approach to closing argument.

Cross Examination of the Defense Neurologist and Neuropsychologist
Presented by Kenneth Goldblatt, Esq.

This presentation will present unique techniques to cross examine a defense neurologist in a Traumatic Brain Injury case.  You will also be presented with information on how to limit the testimony of a defense neuropsychologist.

Summations and Ending Your Brain Injury Case Strong
Presented by Mike Ronemus, Esq.

The goal of this presentation is to help attorneys become better advocates for their brain injured clients by discussing ideas of how to approach summations; in refuting and debunking false claims made by defense lawyers; in grabbing the jurors’ attention and making them want to find for the plaintiff; and in continuing themes used throughout the trial.  This seminar will help injured people with brain injuries and their attorneys maximize their legal recovery.

Brain Injury Settlement Considerations
Presented by Kelly Mikullitz, Esq., and John Bair

This session will present attendees with elements attorneys should consider if their brain injury case goes to settlement, including life-care plans, pre-settlement funding (ie: how to deal with it and how does it affect settlement), qualified settlement funds, subrogation or lien interests, settlement issues, the interplay between third-party liability and benefits, special needs trusts, Medicare set-aside and non-Medicaid trusts.

Legal Symposium Presenter Bios

Lodging Information: A block of rooms will be set aside at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs, 232 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY. Use the code IJ4 and tell them you’re there for the BIANYS Professional Symposium & Annual Conference to access special room rates. Access to special rates ends 5/17/2019.

June 3, 2019, Legal Symposium CLE credits are provided by Empire Justice Center, who has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an accredited provider of continuing legal education in the State of New York.

Financial hardship policy is available upon request.