Alert: TBI Waiver Participants Receiving Housing Subsidy [Updated]

UPDATE 6/24/16: The Department of Health reports that all payments for housing subsidy and assistance have been sent as of June 23, 2016. If you have any problems, please contact the Department at the number below.

UPDATE 6/20/16: The Department of Health has indicated that the contract has been approved with the housing subsidy contractor and that payments for June and July, plus any late fees incurred by this issue, will be sent this week to landlords of program participants.

Original Message:

BIANYS has learned that there is a problem with the payment process for the TBI Medicaid Waiver Programs’ Housing Subsidy. The Housing Subsidy covers housing and utility payments for qualifying participants. The June payments were not issued to billers due to an issue with the contract for the entity that handles payments.

If you receive the housing subsidy, contact your Service Coordinator for assistance. You, your Service Coordinator, and/or your landlord can speak with Marybeth Gnozzio at the NYS Department of Health at 518-474-5271 for assistance.

Please contact BIANYS at 1-800-444-6443 or 518-459-7911 if you are experiencing a problem due to this housing subsidy issue. We are in contact with Department of Health, other contacts in NYS government, and advocacy organizations to address the issue. We are compiling resources to provide assistance and advocating for a quick resolution to the problem.

We will update this message when more information is available.