Contact Your Representatives – BIANYS Advocacy Update

Your Congressional Representatives need to hear your voice during this Independence Day break.

Call your Senators and House Member and tell them to protect health care services for all Americans.

Millions of individuals with brain injury rely on Medicaid for routine healthcare, rehabilitation, and long-term services and supports as provided through a Medicaid State Plan, a home and community-based (HCBS) waiver program, or both. The House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA), in combination with the Trump Administration’s Proposed Budget, present devastating cuts to this lifeline program, thereby shifting the burden of care to states and families that are already strained.

ACTION ALERT: Call Your Representatives Today!

Talking Points
VOTE NO on the Senate health care bill and VOTE NO to Medicaid per capita caps.

To protect access to care and long-term services and supports, lawmakers must:
•    Reject proposals to transform Medicaid to a per capita cap model
•    Protect incentives to provide home and community-based services over institutional care
•    Preserve essential health benefits, including rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, in Medicaid expansion plans
•    Maintain eligibility for schools as Medicaid providers
•    Fully fund the Medicaid Program

It is imperative that you call now, and then do it again tomorrow, and every day after that while this legislation is still active! The entire Disability Community is depending on you to make these calls and stop this legislation from moving forward.