Call Congress Now! #RejectRepeal

A new amendment to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) is winning the support of the House Freedom Caucus making it more likely that a vote by the House of Representatives could happen as early as this weekend. Action is needed immediately to stop the AHCA from being approved by the House of Representatives. This is the bill that proposes to gut the Medicaid program through per capita caps and block grants and repeal many provisions of the Affordable Care Act that are critical to individual with brain injuries.

ACTION ALERT: Make a call today. Republicans need to keep hearing from people now to #RejectRepeal

English: 866-426-2631
Spanish: 877-736-7831

Key Messages:

  • Do NOT support the American Health Care Act.
  • Do NOT allow Medicaid to be gutted. Caps and block grants would decimate the program on which people with disabilities and seniors rely for critical health care and community services.
  • Do NOT allow states to opt out of requiring health plans to cover basic health care and keep it affordable for people with pre-existing conditions, including individuals with brain injury and all people with disabilities.