Thank you to all who advocated for brain injury services during Advocacy Day and the budget negotiation period

We are happy to share that the 2018-19 NYS Budget included a delay of the transition of the TBI and NHTD Medicaid Waiver programs into Managed Long Term Care until 2022. This means that individuals with brain injury currently on the Waiver programs will continue to receive services until at least 2022.

Additionally, the Executive’s proposal to increase the qualifying assessment level on the Uniform Assessment System (UAS) was rejected by the Legislature and has not been included as part of the Budget.

These were the main issues that advocates discussed at our recent Brain Injury Advocacy Day on March 20. Thank you to all who participated, contacted their Legislators, shared their personal stories, and made sure that the Budget negotiations addressed these important issues.

We want to thank our supporters in the NYS Senate and Assembly and Governor Cuomo for protecting services for New Yorker residents who are impacted by brain injury. We also thank every person who continues to fight alongside us. Together, we truly showed that brain injury is a significant health and social issue deserving support and recognition.